Winner of the Royal Society of Marine Artists' New Generation Award.

Art Director and multiple award winner in computer generated imagery and digital matte painting, with work featured in:

"The Complete Guide to Photorealism for Visual Effects, Visualization and Games" by Eran Dinur

"Blender Artists - The most beautiful 3D creations" by Florian Benedetto
Bespoke oil paintings of maritime subjects, inspired by history, sailing, and the maritime environment.

Each picture crafted through careful research and attention to precise detail.

Exhibited at the Mall Galleries, including four shows of the Royal Society of Marine Artists, part of the Southampton Art Society, and exhibited at a major show of historical marine paintings with Marine Artists gallery.
Depictions of the cruise ships, commercial vessels, and private yachts that make up Southampton's rich maritime scene.

Painter of the Ocean Globe Race with work in the collections of several crew members and family including Tracy Edwards and Marco Trombetti.

Available for private commissions, with further details and contact details provided below
8th March - 10th May 2024
SO30 3HQ
This exhibition of work by painters local to Southampton is on the theme of Nature, and is on show at the Itchen Valley Country Park.
19 - 21 April 2024
SO14 3QT
Set in Southampton's Ocean Village, 2024 is the fourth edition of MDL's boat show. My paintings will be on show at stand 12.
The South Coast and Green Tech Boat Show 2024

Southampton Art Society Spring Exhibition 2024

A Painted Ship upon a Painted Ocean 2024

Rebirth and Rejuvenation in a Post-Pandemic World

Royal Society of Marine Artists 2023

Southampton Art Society Autumn Exhibition 2023

Ocean Globe race village 2023

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Royal Society of Marine Artists 2021

Royal Society of Marine Artists 2020

Royal Society of Marine Artists 2019
Collaborate to create a unique painting of a subject that means the most to you. I'll create a series of sketches where we can explore different ideas and experiment with the image. This develops into a master drawing upon which the painting is based. The painting process typically takes around 1 month, with work in progress stages for review and the opportunity to direct changes throughout.
1. Sketches
After discussing subjects I'll create a series of sketches to find the best viewpoint.
2. Master Drawing
The sketches develop into a full sized master drawing which forms the base of the painting.
3. Block-in
The block in stage lays in the main forms and establishes the general scene.
4. Details
The picture is steadily refined in each layer until that last tiny details like rigging and railings.
5. Varnishing and Framing
When dry the picture needs to be varnished to protect the colour (This can take up to a week). We can also try out framing options if you like.
6. Packaging and Shipping
Everything is then all packaged up securely and shipped over to you.
Offering a range of standard sizes, with custom requests an option. Bespoke framing provided if desired. Tracked shipping also included. No additional charge for any change requests
Size (inches)
10 x 14
12 x 16
16 x 20
18 x 24
20 x 30
24 x 30
Price (£)
The cost is split into a 30% Deposit up front and 70% on completion
These prices are defined by art experts, and highly competitive compared with other marine painters working in this style. All commissions are a personal service to create unique and highly detailed oil paintings, using the highest quality hand-made brushes and oil paint, and created on fine linen canvas.
"The painting arrived, and its GEORGEOUS!!! Thanks a lot Gregory! :)
I will contact you again in some years with my next boat."
"I am pleased with the painting and impressed with the professional way you approached the task.
You were very easy to deal with a friendly approach, a desire to get it just right. I am pleased I commissioned the painting with you."
"Thank you Greg!  It has arrived and is gorgeous!! I love it. Honestly so detailed and excellent!"

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