Royal Society of Marine Artists

Exhibiting with the RSMA in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2023, at the Mall Galleries, London.
The Upcoming 2023 Exhibition runs from 21st to 30th September
Winner of the RSMA New Generation Award.


I'm based in the busy port city of Southampton on the South coast of England; the busiest cruise terminal and the second largest container port in the UK.

This painting will exhibit amongst two others at the Southampton Art Society's Autumn Exhibition.
Southampton Art Society Show
1st to 30th September
SO14 3TL


Immersed within the historic port city of Southampton's maritime scene, I paint everything between the lively ports and quiet marinas.

In the studio, I specialise in accurate reconstructions, and whether painting historical ships in studio, or painting outdoors with a transient scene, my style evolves to suit the subject.

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Relive treasured moments & preserve memories with a timeless medium.

Engage with me to accurately recreate a subject & setting, collaboratively.
I approach every case with the respect due, and have specialised in professional research & meticulous care to attention.

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My paintings are available to purchase, and what I paint is up for conversation.
Which boat or ship means the most to you, and why?

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Historical Subjects

Ocean Village


Ocean Globe Race